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Making Money On Facebook

The Facebook Way To Be Rich

1st  Sept 2012

Making Money On FacebookWith over 950 million users and over 50% of them logging into Facebook every single day, Facebook is not only the world’s most popular social network but one with the biggest market base to skyrocket your business.
Who has over taken adult sites as the most popular activity on the Internet ?

While it takes 13 years for television to reach 13,000,000 users , who adds 100,000,000 users within a year?

Facebook again.

Facebook fans were found to be :

28% more loyal to a specific brand or product.

41% more likely to vouch for a product or person they like to their friends.
Likely to spend over $70 more on your products and services.
Having an Average Value of more than $135 annually.

Source : A recent study by Syncapse 

Make Money From FacebookWith this kind of statistic, it does not need a genius to understand the best position to PROFIT for your business is to have a Powerful Facebook and social media strategies.

Most internet marketers are moving towards Facebook as a marketplace for them to do their business. Many see the extremely big potential out there but many of them also do not know how to make money with it. Some of the lucrative ways of making money on Facebook are :

Sell Own Product

You can sell your products or your services on Facebook. Your product can be physical or digital , it does not matter. If your fans or friends love them, sell them. Deliver what your customers want , not what you want them to have.

Promote Other People’s Product

If your fans like what you do not have, the game is not over. The rich do not make money only from what they knows. They deliver what the market wants. In this respect, you can promote other people’s product to your friends by signing up with affiliates and earn commissions when people buy the product through your affiliate link.

Developing Applications On Facebook

If you are developer yourself , this is where your opportunity stands out compared to the rest of Facebook users. Use your expertise to make money with Facebook by developing applications. It can be your additional source of income over your full-time salary.

While there are many more ways on how to make money on Facebook, making it rich is not a matter of how many ways you have applied. Success depends very much on how well you implement the methods. And it goes without the need to emphazise further that having a big pool of fans or friends certainly helps.


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