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Make Money On eBay

The eBay Way To Be Rich

3rd Sept 2012

Make Money On EbayMany people make money on eBay. Many got burnt too. The difference between success and failure boils down to understanding the basic on how to make money on eBay. If one have a good grasp of the basic mechanics of how it works, it set the foundation to hitting the pot of gold online.

While there are a thousand and one ways of going around it, it is important to learn the 8 critical basics of selling on eBay before jumping into it. These 8 tips on how to sell on eBay can help you become a successful eBay vendor and jump start your internet business.

1. Copy What The Power Sellers Do

Look at what the Power Sellers sell. See how they describe and list their products to attract your attention. Monitor their auction to get an idea of what price was finally sold. This helps you position the price of similar product you want to sell.

2. A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Never list without a photo of the product you want to sell. It may take some of your time to do this but it can be guaranteed an absolutely worthwhile investment of your precious time. And it goes without saying a good and clear picture is what we meant here although not necessarily one taken by a professional photographer.

3. Good Titles That Stand Out From The Rest

This is the first thing your potential buyers see. Short catchy words work well and make good punch line. Do not try to describe your product here. Leave the details to the description section in section 4 below. The title of your product decides whether your potential buyer will explore your listing further. So, its importance can never be over emphasized.

4. Describe Your Product To Bring Out Its Best

Your description should precise and yet able to bring the best out of the product. When potential buyers search for a product , they normally know what they want out of the product and its limitation too. Care should be taken here to avoid going overboard with outrageous claims for obvious reason

5. Put Your Item In A category It Belongs To

This is one common mistake of many beginners trying to make a successful sale in eBay. Putting items in categories that have nothing to do with what the actual item is, is not going to bring buyers to your product because chances are they will never see your item. Take some time to study and understand what categories are available out there to enable you to best fit it in your listing.

6. Price It Right

As mentioned in section 1 above , copy what Power Sellers do. It is always an advantage to start lower to lure potential buyers in and let the market be the driving force to give you the best final price. While learning the rope of making money on eBay, you may set it at cost price , i.e having taken in product cost, shipping , eBay fees etc.

7. Provide Reasonable Delivery Prices

It is important to include shipping prices in each and every item description you have listed for sale. Most people wants to know what they are in for in total ,straight from your listing.

Giving your potential buyer a cheaper alternative shipping options to cater for non urgent delivery certainly helps make them find your product more attractive.

Some seller intentionally set their product below cost and attempt to recover the shortfall with a much higher delivery cost. Nothing drives away prospective customers more quickly than when they detect dishonesty from the vendor.

8. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Be truthful. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Should something goes wrong, do let your buyers know had happened even though it may be your fault. Most people understand and realize that things do happen. Honesty brings out the forgiving nature of most people and it will go a long way for anyone in business. Years of hard earned reputation and goodwill can be destroyed and disappeared overnight due to dishonesty.



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