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How Do You Get Money On Amazon

Amazon Way To Be Rich

4th  Sept 2012

How to do like to  experienced a three fold growth in your business in one year, and are on track to do the same the next year? 

How about a 200% increase in number of units sold and another 200 % in total revenue? 

ToyBurg found these successes with Through its FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon program , sales of Toyburg  rocketed from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 in 1 Year.

FBA is one of the various ways from that can help you make money online. Base on the numerous success stories, perhaps it is more appropriate to say you can make lots of money too.

ToyBurg is a Kentucky based business specializing in hard-to-find popular toys. It started off as a relatively small, family-owned business selling on eBay and then graduated to Amazon, warehousing and fulfilling their own inventory. While growth was encouraging, it created challenges on availability of time and space.

It was upon the implementation of FBA that they started realizing the benefits immediately ,i.e 


3 Times the Profit. 1/3 the Effort


This popular online program from Amazon freed up their time and resources to allow them to focus more on their business and pleasure too!

How does Fulfillment by Amazon  works ?


How Do You Get Money


With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) you ship your products to Amazon. While Amazon is not a junkyard, you can send your new or used products to Amazon's fulfillment centers and get stored there.

Amazon fulfills orders on your behalf. Your orders can be those placed directly on or fulfillment requests you submit for sales not on Amazon.

Finally, Amazon ship them to customers on your behalf from their network of fulfillment centers.

Other success stories of FBA program include Urban Boundaries,TVGuys and  textbookRus . If it works for them, you may want to see how it can benefit you. Time is money. If you want to accelerate and reap the benefits of FBA faster, there are a few FBA experts out there you can check with. Good Luck. 



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