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How Do I Sell In eBay For Beginners

You Can Start Selling On eBay In 5 Simple Steps

29th  Nov 2012


Selling in eBay is easy. In 5 simples steps and without the need to create a website of your own, you can start selling on eBay.

1. Register A Seller Account

Similar to setting up a business, instead of getting a license, you need to create a seller account to become a seller in eBay. In this simple and easy process, you just need to :

- Provide your name, phone number and address.
- Have your identity verified.
- Choose an automatic payment method for your eBay transactions
  to facilitate your trading activities when you kick off your

How Do I Sell In eBay - A Beginner's Guide

2. Identify A Product Or More Products To Sell

Search and identify a product or more products to sell. As this is probably your first experience with eBay with regards to selling, you may one to try one product first.

Next, after having identified a product to sell, you should check and ensure your product meets the ‘prohibited and restricted items’ policy. Adults Only category, alcohol, medical devices, prescription drugs, firearms, weapons, electronic equipments etc. are some items having separate or special conditions to qualify for listing in eBay.

There are two ways to sell your product in eBay. You can sell it auction style to the highest bidder or you can sell it at a fixed price. To enhance your selling process, eBay has very supportive and user friendly features like ‘Best Offer’ or ‘Reserve Price’ options to help you hit the best price.

3. Create Your Listing

In an off-line business, you display your products physically to attract sales. In eBay, you create a listing and post it on its electronic shop platform. To list your product, you will need to:

- Describe your item clearly.
- Set a competitive price to increase the odds of a successful sale.
- Identify the right category to list your product in so that
  propective buyers can locate it easily.

4. Manage Your Listing

The process up to this point is pretty electronic in nature. Similar to managing a physical shop, over here you have to manage your listing when you embark on this mode of trading method in eBay. eBay business platform has a very good feature that helps you to track traffics to your listing or to revise your listing when you see a need. This system also incorporate an interactive visitors’ feedback and sellers’ response function to help build trust and good rapport between you and your customers.

Just like managing a shop well, managing your listing well can certainly helps you sell better.

5. Close Your Sale

You make money only when each sale is closed. What most inexperience entrepreneur overlooked is more money can be made if a sale is closed with the customer feeling happy and satisfied. A delighted customer will want to come back for more products from you. And the good words they spread for you is a great advertisement bonus for you too.

6. Tips To A Good Sales Closure

- Communicate with your buyer to personalize your customer’s
   buying experience

- Ship only when you have received your payment. If payment is
  made electronically or via credit card, it is to your own interest to
  ensure the transaction has been accepted and credited to your
  account. In the case of a check, it has to clear the bank before
  you start shipping out the item.

- Ship item to customer promptly and meeting committed delivery
  time. Customers will be delighted to receive their purchase on time.

- On-time delivery can only be assured if you have adequate and
  correct shipping information. Make sure you have all the necessary
  shipping information once you receive an order.

- Pack your items securely enough to ensure it is well protected and
  can retain its original condition when it reaches your customers.
  Receiving a package on time is obviously a very happy occasion
  and nothing kills the customer’s excitement faster than to find the
  item damaged on arrival.

- If you are building a long term business and want to create a pool
  of loyal customers base, the sales process does not end upon
  successful delivery of items to your customers. You should use the
  feedback system to create a trustworthy community for everyone.



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