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Get Money By Doing Surveys Legitimately

How To Find Legitimate Online Paid Surveys

20th  Sept 2012

Get Money By Doing SurveysThe availability of numerous paid surveys over the internet is an attractive opportunity for those who want an additional solid income without significant effort. To get money by doing surveys is an easy way to make good money.

You can make from a hundred to a few thousand dollars per week if you have the demographics the companies are looking for. It is risk free too except for the time invested and it is possible to make money from day one.

Legitimate Survey Programs

There are so many companies and websites out in the world wide web offering paid online surveys. However, all the benefits above are true, only if you participate in legitimate survey programs.

The challenge is in identifying and selecting the high yield program that you qualify for and discard or avoid the thousands of fraudulent, fake and black listed webmasters, who just design a site similar to that of paid online survey to hoodwink unsuspecting visitors.

Learning how to identify survey scams will help you protect yourself from unnecessary financial loss.




Beware Of Empty Promises

You have to be to be extra cautious if you received uninvited emails which promise you the sky with no effort required. These are most likely fake and fraudulent.

Paid Survey Scam

Conduct Research on Survey Sites

There are many websites which provide good information on the reviews, comments and experiences of different people about different paid online surveys. As such, it is to your advantage to spend some time studying all these reviews and identify what are the best paid survey programs out there for you.

Legitimate paid online surveys are normally not available all over the world. While this no doubt decreases the number of users of that website, but since they are legitimate, they want to confine and stay focus on their business operations. If you are a local US resident for example, it is certainly obvious your input with regard to a product to be launch in the Far East serve very limited commercial values , if any.

Prompt Pay Master

Most legitimate websites are prompt pay master, paying monthly or bi-monthly. One of the obvious indications of a fraudulent  and fake paid online survey program is that they promise to pay three months or longer after you have accumulated the threshold or meet some form of qualification.

You Need Not Have to Pay for Work

Survey companies that requests money in order to give you work is likely to be a scam. Legitimate survey websites are free to join and work for most of the time. It pays to take the time to locate these in order to save you money.

Find Contact Information

Availability of contact information of a company is one of the signs of a legitimate survey program. Those that are just trying to get your money or information will not post their contact information in their websites. This should set off a red flag, as they want to avoid  you trying to contact them once you discover the truth about them. If you manage to contact them and you get a representative who is overly pushy or refuses to answer simple questions , this is a reason to raise the red flag too.



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