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First Step To A Great Web Site With Good Keywords

Do A Good Keyword Research

03 Jan 2013

Designing and launching a website without first doing keyword research is at best, the beginning of a frustrating start in online business.

Good keywords lead to high traffic

Keyword research is the foundation to building a great website. It should never be overlooked nor done half heartedly. Doing it as part of a ritual in website design without understanding how good keywords work  is not going to be of much benefit to your site either.

Keywords help search engine locate your site. And good keywords help search engine drive high volume traffic there. Selecting the right keyword is important to increase the conversion of your visitors.

In internet marketing, finding the right keyword is the key to driving the right visitors to your web page and increasing your conversion rate. There are a number of sophisticated commercial keyword analysis tools out there with their usual whistle and bells which you can use to do an effective keyword research for your website.

In our keyword research exercise here, we shall use a free and pretty good online tool, i.e Google Keyword Analysis Tool.

A keyword or phrase is good when it contains the following:

Country Specific Keywords

Keywords global volume versus localWhat is a hot item in one country may not sell well in another. A highly sought after keyword in United States like pet food is possibly unlikely to have the same interest in Afghanistan. Thus, in our research to find  the potential demand for our intended products or services we want to trade online, the very first step is to remember to set the country we want to target our market  in our keyword analysis tool.

High Search Volume

Many an online entrepreneur focused on getting their site to rank high without doing a proper keyword research first. A site may be ranked high and on page one of search engine but it is not doing you any good if there is hardly any search for the keywords your site is tied to.

High search volume indicates many people are searching for a particular word or phrase. Thus, in general ,the higher the search volume the better. However, you need to understand you are not the only one shooting for keyword with high search volume. Such keywords more often than not do have high competition too. A balance is necessary in choosing keyword with high search volume with respect to its level of competition.

Low Competition

Ideally, keyword with low competition is preferred for obvious reason. Combine keyword competition with keyword search volume, good keywords have high search volume  with low competition. Take for example, ‘dog training’ as a keyword versus ‘problem with dog training’. The latter is less competitive and hence easier to rank.

Generally, a longer tail keyword is less competitive. As it zero in more specifically to a niche, its search volume is lower but the advantage here is your visitors are more likely to get what they want from your site, hence a higher conversion rate.

Relevant To Website Theme

To help build your web ranking further, you need to choose keywords that are relevant to the theme of your site. In our example here with ‘dog training’ as our main topic, keywords straying into cat training or horse training is not going to benefit your site very much, if any. Supporting keywords like obedient dog training, dog training technique etc. are relevant to your theme here.

‘Buyers’ Keywords

Buyers keywordOther than high search volume, low competition and relevancy to website theme, a good keyword is also more likely to convert compared to a ‘browsers’ keyword.
Extending our example above further, a ‘browser’ keyword like ‘free dog training techniques’ is likely to attract visitors who are looking for free stuff.

In ‘best dog training techniques’, you change the word ‘free’ to ‘best’ and it becomes a ‘buyer’ keyword. Anyone who key in this search term is more likely to pay for a premium service or knowledge.

Low Cost Per Click ( CPC)

If you are promoting your website using pay-per-click advertisement, then you have to consider this additional factor in keyword selection. Overlooking this can bring you all the traffic you want but may not necessarily bring in the money you are looking for. At worst, you may suffer losses too and many people had walked down this path before.
Having met all the keyword criteria above, one final point is you want keywords that do not cost you more than what you can make. If you are selling product at $ 20 each, it will be a challenge if your chosen keywords cost $5 per click.


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